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Tackling different industries challenges.

Industry Challenges

  • Enforced or encouraged social distancing (COVID-19)

  • Restricted working conditions

  • Hazardous travel and working conditions

  • Large volumes of urgent support

  • Protracted problem diagnosis or resolution duration

  • Difficulty identifying equipment and systems remotely

  • Lack of end user technical acumen

  • Delayed resolution due to scheduling or availability of technicians to visit

  • Skills gap – ageing workforce


Industry Challenges

  • Simplify and accelerate fault diagnostics, maintenance & repair

  • Contextualise complex system data, making it easily accessible

  • Fix problems successfully on first visit

  • Reduce the likelihood and costs of replacing parts unnecessarily

  • Improve Health and Safety

  • Seamlessly perform tasks with minimal instructions and human interface leading to a more reliable and better experience for the customer

  • Streamline work processes and repair methods to achieve higher productivity, reducing inspection and maintenance costs

Industry Challenges

  • Sub-optimal site and asset management

  • Contextualisation of complex system data

  • Complex asset management (multiple assets across many different locations)

  • Disparate data sets

  • Dispersed asset information

  • Fragmented workforce/environments

  • Hazardous working conditions/travel

  • Skills gap (ageing workforce)

  • Cost reduction




We are always researching and developing new and exciting products including Simulation Data Visualisation, BIM Visualisation and BIM Overlay to name a few. More will be revealed in due course.

Our development team have over 20 years extensive experience using state of the art technologies to develop award winning Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions that can be used for almost any subject matter.

VR Based Scenarios are the perfect step between theoretical and practical learning. The possibilities of 3D and VR are endless, ranging from environments, buildings, equipment to people. VR based assessment solutions can also be offered to allow learners to be left to their own devices in a controlled environment and provides a scalable and innovative method of evaluation. The apprenticeship reform has led to a new market opportunity for end point assessment for every apprentice completing their apprenticeship.

We can also combine digital twins with VR and AR simulations. We can create a replica of any real life setting, from a small workshop to whole complex sites and networks. Our VR and AR systems can be used to visualise real world data overlaid on virtual machinery representations resulting in the best realistic learning experience.


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